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  1. NSSP and Royal Rangers have developed a shooting program to offer both Royal Rangers and Girls Ministries across the nation an opportunity to participate in NSSP Top Shot Competition.


  1. Each Royal Ranger district should have a Royal Ranger National Shooting Sports Coordinator. These coordinators are familiar with setting up NSSP Top Shot Competitions. They have a wealth of resources and specialized certifications which can help your outpost practice for and compete in NSSP Top Shot Competitions.  Your district Royal Ranger National Shooting Sports Program Coordinator is the subject matter expert who can help on anything shooting sports related.


  1. All competitors may only enter this match once per calendar year.

  2. All competitors must be one of the following:

    • Royal Ranger Outpost member in either Adventure Rangers or Expedition Rangers.

    • Girls Ministry member in either Friends or Girls Only.

    • Man or woman assigned a leadership position in either Royal Rangers or Girls Ministry.

    • A member of Royal Rangers Alumni.


  1. It is recommended that the following merits be completed prior to participation in Top Shot Competition.

    • For Adventure Rangers/Friends and Expedition Rangers/Girls Only: Complete Silver Shotgun Safety and Shotgun Shooting merits.

    • For adult leaders,  Read the Amateur Trap Association Rule Book chapters which are identified in the following sections on this web page.

  2. Only adults who are certified as NRA Range Safety Officer are allowed to supervise the firing line.



NRA Range Safety Officer Certification and merit requirements for both Shotgun Safety  and Shotgun Shooting are NRA courses which need to be taught by NRA qualified Instructors. Either seek out your district NSSP Coordinator for assistance or find an instructor at Be aware that instructors on the NRA Instructors page are very expensive. Your district NSSP Coordinator may be able to provide the classes at a very minimal cost.


  1. Current Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) Rules will govern this competition.


  1. Any shotgun, 12 gauge or smaller may be used.

    • Electro-mechanical clay target throwers are highly recommended.


  1. Standard clay targets will be used.


  1. Eye and hearing protection are required during live fire periods for participants and nearby spectators.

  2. NRA and ATA Safety Protocols will be followed for all live fire periods.

  3. Firing line will be supervised by an appropriate number of qualified Range Safety Officers.

  4. Range is of a standard or similar trap field configuration.


  1. 16 Yard Singles, 50 Targets (Course 1 and Course 2, 25 shots/birds each) record scores as number of hits/25 targets. Course 3 and Course 4 are only for tie breaking.

  2. Participants must fire 5 shots at each station from 16 yards. The course will be repeated two times. The course may be fired over several days.

  3. Shooters must declare to the assigned Witness prior to firing the match that the shots fired will count as his entry into the Top Shot Competition.


  1. Only broken/Dead Bird Targets are to be counted by a witness.

  2. In the case of an un-breakable score, duplicate awards will be given.


  1. Top Shot Competitions will begin on January 1st and will end on December 31st of each calendar year.


  1. The team match is the combined scores of four participating individuals.

  2. The team category will be determined by the group the individual is shooting in.


  1. Results will be emailed out to NSSP Advisors and posted on the NSSP Website.


  1. Individuals,1st – 5th place winners will receive a medal and a certificate.  

  2. Teams, 1st – 3rd  place, each team member will receive individual medal and certificate. 

  3. Competitors and teams will compete based on the following groups:​

    • Royal Ranger Groups

      • Adventure Rangers​

      • Expedition Rangers​

    • Girl’s Ministry Groups

      • Friends​

      • Girls Only​

    • Adult Leaders

      • Men

      • Women


  1. Individual competitor fee is $10.00 each.

  2. Teams will be comprised of four individual competitors. An additional $10 will be paid by each team member. Therefore, the team fee for each 4 competitor team is $80.00.

  3. Each competitor may only be a member of one Trap team per calendar year.

  4. Multiple 4 competitor teams per outpost/church are allowed. Rule #2 still applies.

  5. Payment of fees is made by one of the below options.

    • Mail a single check (Total fees for all your Outpost/church competitors and teams) payable to:  
      P.O. Box 7724
      Riverside, CA. 92513-7724

    • Zelle the fee total amount to (949) 599-4148 Darell Freeman. Be sure to note the following information in the “Add a Memo” box:
      NSSP Top Shot fees
      Your outpost number.
      Your church name.
      Your state abbreviation


Fee payments are to be sent on the same date the Top Shot Competition fillable forms are submitted as described in the ADMINISTRATION section.


  1. Download the RR /NSSP TRAP Top Shot Competition fillable form at:
    Trap Fillable Form.

  2. Fillable forms are to be completed by one of the following leaders:

    • Any NSSP representative (Preferred).

    • Outpost Senior Commander (Alternate).

  3. To help minimize confusion please save the fillable form(s) with the following file name format: YEARTrapStateOutpost###Group.pdf.

    • Example: 2024TrapAZOutpost130AR.pdf.

    • Group abbreviations are listed below:

      • Royal Ranger Groups

        • AR​

        • ER​

      • Girl’s Ministry Groups

        • GMF

        • GMGO

      • Adult Leaders

        • Men

        • Women

  4. ​Ensure all requested information is entered on Top Shot Competition fillable forms.

  5. All scores must be returned by January 15th of the following year.

  6. Submit completed score reporting fillable forms to Peter Triana by one of the below options.

    • Preferred method: US Mail to:
      Peter Triana
      9283 Daisy Ave.
      Fountain Valley, CA 92708

    • Alternate method: Email completed PDF forms to

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