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The purpose of this tournament is to offer Royal Rangers from across the country an opportunity to
participate in a nationwide archery competition.


Recommend the completion of the green Archery merit, with a refresher of the 11 Steps of Archery as
outlined in the NASP/Centershot training manual.


Competition may be conducted by the district, section, or outpost between January 1 and December 31.
All entries must be received by January 15 th of the following year.


Match may be conducted indoor or outdoor.


Individuals may compete in one or both divisions; Traditional or Genesis Original class.
Individuals may compete only one time in each division in the same year.
All competitors must be a Boy or Man who is part of a Royal Ranger Outpost or a member of Royal Rangers
Alumni (RRA).


Individuals $10.00 each.

Teams $15.00 each.


Scoring will be done at Please review the tutorial at
before competition.


Results will be tabulated, released and awards will be mailed by January 15 th of the following year.


Each age group will comprise a category.
Discover Rangers (Grades 3-5) at the time of competition
Adventure Rangers (Grades 6-8) at the time of competition

Expedition Rangers (Grades 9-12) at the time of competition
Adult (18+) at the time of competition


The National Royal Rangers Ministries will present awards for 1st through 3rd place in both divisions for
individuals and teams in each age group.


Genesis® Original bow and equipment is available at a discount price to members of Centershot Ministries.
Please visit for more information.
Any recurve or longbow bow may be used in the Traditional class.
Only Genesis® Original compound bows may be used in the Compound class.
No sights or sighting aids may be used on any bow.
No mechanical release aids may be used (fingers only).
Finger tabs and arm guards are allowed.
Only 80 cm FITA-face (80 cm in diameter) five color, ten-ring target may be used.
All arrows must have target or field points only (no broad heads) and must be shot from bows using only the fingers with no sights.
Easton 1820 NASP approved arrows are required to be shot in the Compound class.
Arrows shot in the Traditional class should be a safe field point arrow correctly spined for the bow being used.


Archers shall be assigned a target, and only arrows on that target, shot by the assigned archer will be counted for score.
No more than two competitors may shoot on each target at one time.
When more than one archer is shooting at the same target, the arrows must be identifiable to each archer by either color or other markings.

Shooting Distance

Archers will shoot straddling a shooting line marked at 10 meters and 15 meters from the targets.


There will be one practice round at 10 meters and one at 15 meters, prior to shooting for score at each


  • Archers will shoot 3 ends of 5 arrows from 10 meters and 3 ends of 5 arrows at 15 meters for a total of 30 arrows, 10 ring scoring, with a total of 300 points possible.

  • Scorers will enter the value of each arrow in descending order on scorecards as called out by the competitor to whom the arrow belongs.

  • Scoring should be scored by one other competitor or the archery instructor.

  • Other competitors on the same target will check the value of each arrow called out, and in case of disagreement, they will call the instructor or judge.

  • An arrow will be scored according to the position of the shaft on the target face. If the shaft touches two colors or touches any dividing line between two scoring zones, the arrow will score the higher value of the two zones involved.

  • Neither arrow nor the target face should be touched until all the arrows on that target face have been recorded.

Basic Instructions for Conducting the Postal Archery Tournament

  • Download the arrowscores app or use

  • Gather all required equipment.

  • Instruct in archery safety.

  • Practice the skills.

  • Schedule the postal archery tournament event.

  • Review all information and rules before the event.

  • Record the scores at the range on the Range Score Card. Score Cards can be downloaded at

  • Confirm the scores and transfer the information to the Arrowscores app or

  • Confirm that ALL contact information is included on the reporting form.

  • If you have any questions, you may contact Ron Heatherly, NSSP Regional Coach.

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