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Air Rifle


3-Position Sporter Air Rifle Postal Match



NRA and the Royal Rangers have developed a shooting program to offer Royal Rangers across the country an opportunity to participate in several nationwide postal matches.


It is recommended that Firearm Safety and Marksmanship merits be completed prior to participation in
the postal programs.




Eye protection is required during this event by the Royal Rangers.


An individual may enter this match only once per calendar year. All competitors must be a Boy who is part of a Royal Ranger Outpost


Competition will begin on January 1st of each calendar year and will end on December 31st. All scores
must be returned to The NSSP and postmarked by January 15th. Firing may be done any time after score
reporting forms are received from the Competitive Shooting Division.


Individuals $5.00 each. Teams $15.00 each.
All team members must enter as individuals.
(Example: 5 individuals at $25.00 and one $15.00 team fee for a total of $40.00 for one 5 member team).


See each match for award schedule. Minimum of two competitors in a category for an award to be given.


Complete the entry form attached and return to the Competitive Shooting Division. You will receive score reporting forms to record the match scores. Return a photo or scan of completed score reporting forms to:
The NSSP Coordinator Darell Freeman at 
A return email will supply you with mailing information for your entry fee.

NSSP Air Rifle Postal Match Score Form (fillable)


Shooter’s name and position being shot will be printed in the upper right hand corner of each target.
Target acquisition is the responsibility of the competitor. NRA official targets are required. For a list of licensed target manufacturers’ visit:
Sponsors keep all targets until the challenge period has ended and all results are final.


Each target must be scored by two individuals and in accordance with NRA Rules. If targets are scored electronically; verification by two individuals is not required.


Results will be posted on the NSSP Website


Individuals – 1st Place winner in each category will receive a plaque engraved with postal logo. Second through fifth place will receive awards based on participation. Additional awards will be provided for each additional ten competitors in a category.
Team – National Trophy plaques will be provided for first place to each firing team member. One place award will be provided for each five teams.


Shooters will enter in only one of the following categories:
Sub-junior: Competitors who will not reach their 15th birthday in the calendar year of competition.
Intermediate Junior: Competitors who reach their 15th or 16th birthday in the calendar year of competition.
Junior: Competitors who reach their 17th or *18th birthday in the calendar year of competition.
* To compete as an 18 year old junior, the competitor must be an Expedition Ranger and still in high school.
Adult: Must be member of church that has a chartered Outpost.


The team match is an unfired match generated by the fired scores of four (4) participating individuals.
The team category will be determined by the age of the oldest team member.


Current NRA Sporter Air Rules will govern this competition. Rule Books may be obtained on line at:


See rule 3.2 NRA Sporter Air Rifle rule book.


AR-5/10 – 10 meter – 10 bulls. Official NRA targets must be used.


30 Shots total at 10 meters.
10 shots prone in 15 minutes; 10 shots standing in 20 minutes and 10 shots kneeling in 15 minutes.
Targets are to be shot in the order stated above.

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The National Shooting Sports Program (NSSP) is an Affiliate Program of Royal Rangers USA that promotes the safe and responsible participation in shooting sports by Royal Rangers USA members.


Our partners within the shooting sports industry have offered Ranger Outposts and Ranger Leaders exclusive discounts on firearms, ammunition, various types of equipment. Over 200 brands of gear to choose from and support. Contact Us for Discounts available to Royal Ranger Commanders.

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